The Benefits of Using Direct Drive Rotary Tables

A Direct Drive Rotary Table (or RTR) is an economic self contained machine used for crafting most delicate goods including metal, plastics, wood, etc., where the material is cut into various shapes and sizes in the desired manner. Rotary tables are usually self-powered by the application of an appropriate, minimal electrodynamic force on the materials being cut. They are often controlled via mechanical, electrical or hydraulic means. A CNC Rotary Table is an example of a Direct Drive Rotary Table that utilizes a variety of methods to alter the cutting shape of the material without having to use any outside energy sources. In most CNC Rotary Tables, mechanical and electrical motors control the rotation of the blades and other components.

CNC Rotary Tables has revolutionized the industry and provided users with a variety of versatile machines that are used for intricate machining operations. These machines are designed with user convenience and ease of use at heart. Some of the more popular types of CNC tilting tables include the following:

In machining applications where accuracy is paramount, precision angle or tilt adjustments are very important. This type of CNC tilting table can be adjusted up and down, side to side, vertically, horizontally and even inclined at any one of its 48 degrees. It is also equipped with programmable logic controls and programmable software that enable users to enter unique cutting designs and other processes. Most tilting rotary tables include a software package that allows users to store custom made programs that allow them to repeat a process many times, or to generate a specific result without resetting the machine. Most units also include a Programmable Logic Controller (PLPC), which allows the machine to be easily controlled via a computer.

A direct drive rotary table is also commonly used in EDM applications. In this type of operation, the machine is positioned above or in front of an area that needs to be machined, while still providing a comfortable and stable platform for workers. While most units allow users to adjust the table’s height and side tilt, there are some that include a built-in rail mounted lift for easy access to work areas. Some models are also equipped with a magazine that holds printed material, and some models are equipped with a tool storage area.

With a direct drive rotary table, it is necessary to manually move the rollers between different locations in order to perform precise machining operations. With some models, users may also have to manually adjust the rotation speeds of the diamond wheels. On the other hand, a power-driven motor may be used in order to increase operating velocities and increase processor speed. All in all, these types of tables are more expensive than their electric counterparts, but the high cost is offset by the ability to perform at higher precision. Additionally, direct drive rotary tools generally perform better than their electric counterparts.

With all of these advantages, it is no wonder that direct drive rotary tables continue to dominate the industry. The next time you are looking to purchase a power tool, consider investing in a rotary table. You will soon find that your business will begin to boom, as you will be able to reach new heights in productivity. Just imagine the level of accuracy you can achieve with a high-speed rotary table. For a nominal investment in your equipment, you will soon find that your business will run at a level that is beyond your wildest dreams.