The Benefits of High Torque Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table

The Benefits of High Torque Direct Drive Rotary Tables

If you are looking for a new table, you should definitely consider the all-terrain Direct Drive Rotary Table. This table offers precision machining capabilities to meet the requirements of any type of industry. In addition, this table is an ideal choice for the work area of engineers, architects, carpenters, and mechanics alike. They are designed to be used in a wide variety of work areas and situations. Here we shall take a look at the varied applications of Direct Drive Rotary Table.

The Direct Drive Rotary Table is ideal for CNC rotary tooling applications. The rotary tables offer extremely high torque and high acceleration rates with low deceleration capabilities. The only limitation is your computer’s driving torque! The right application should be chosen but NIKKEN Direct Drive Rotary Tables can be very useful for a number of applications where intricate shapes and forms can be precisely machined quickly and effectively.

In general, direct drive rotary tables are used in surface grind shops, stamping and die cutting machines, drilling machines, turning centers, power machinery, and machine shops. In some cases, direct drive rotary tables are used in woodworking shops as well. The most common use of these rotary tables is to cut materials as well as various other shapes and forms. A variety of accessories are also available for attachment on the table. For example, there are a variety of face gears, spindles, spindle extensions, and a variety of other attachments available to the owner of the table.

There are two different types of rotary tables available from the NIKKEN company. The first is the Kinetic Direct Drive Rotary Table, which is a variable-speed direct drive rotary table. It can handle both heavy work and small work. It comes with a variety of accessories including high-speed die bearings, high-tempered wheels, high-speed winding cogs, high-speed brush bearings, a cutting disc, a cutting guide, and a slew head. These accessories make the work of the rotary tool much easier and faster.

The other rotary table from the NIKKEN Company is the High Speed 12H7 Rotary Shaft. This particular rotary shaft can support either heavy or light material. Because it has a higher torque rating, this rotary table can do heavy duty work on CNC lathes and CNC machines. With a high speed drive, the machine can come to a complete stop in just a few seconds. This feature makes the machine very useful for doing large amounts of work quickly.

There are other benefits of these high-torque models of direct drive rotary tables, too. Because of its high torque, these machines are very efficient and fast. Many users also say that they don’t get tired easily when using them and they don’t break down as often as other types of machine. These high torque models have been found to produce excellent results. Overall, these models are very well-suited to all kinds of applications.