An Introduction To The World Of Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct Drive Rotary Table is one of the latest generation of ergonomically designed workstations which are manufactured by a leading industry company namely Tiger Woods & Company Limited. Rotary tables are designed to give total body support with an exceptional angle of attack. They have been specifically designed for maximum performance within a compact space. This kind of table is suitable for maximum use on building worktops as well as other work surfaces that are subjected to heavy continuous usage. Direct drive rotary table has excellent and inherent mechanical advantages that make them highly suitable for applications where high speed, high torque and speed as well as precision are required.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Direct drive rotary tables usually come with ball bearings on the axle and helical link system. The high torque of direct drive rotary table allows it to withstand the extreme pressures and temperatures that are associated with the fabrication of any form of furniture. High quality direct drive rotary tables are manufactured with multi-plate steel construction which provides it with the ability to tolerate any kind of heavy pressure as well as temperature. High capacity polyester/carbonate shielded multi plate shafts, ball bearings and multi-joint rack and pinion assembly is another feature that increases the reliability of these rotary tools.

Rotary tables generally include a helical-link system and an adjustable bearing that facilitate either quick setting changes or adjustable indexing. High-speed direct drive is facilitated by a unique locking mechanism that allows for precise positioning of the cutting device over any surface, irrespective of its size. An increase in the number of cutting edges as well as the rate at which the cutting tool is rotated is another benefit that comes with a high-speed rotary table. Enhanced cutting speed and the ability to cut through soft materials such as plywood, plastics and other complex materials at high-speed is another advantage of this type of table. For instance, it is possible to cut through soft fabrics such as velvet without causing any damage to the underlying wood.

High precision and high torque ratings are another important feature of high torque direct drive rotary table. High torque models enable quick changes in cutting direction, making it possible to cut through small crevices. High torque tables are also capable of supporting large loads without damaging the moving pieces or interfering with the mechanism. A high accuracy table can achieve a high degree of precision, which in turn enables consistent and smooth operation.

Some models incorporate a free cooling system. This is achieved by incorporating two-fan cooling systems, a positive displacement air pump and a dry ice cooler. A dry ice cooler is used in order to prevent ice buildup. The two fans, one positioned on top of the table and the other positioned underneath it pushes air through the table and draw it back into the fan housing through an ice cooling system. This system has a single fixed discharge point which allows the cool air to be directed to the blades evenly.

Another feature commonly found in high precision and high torque rotary tables is the presence of a zero backlash interlocking system. Zero backlash interlocking systems are designed to prevent interference between the electric motor and any other components when the motor is running. Low runout problems associated with other rotary table designs have been addressed by the use of zero-backlash interlocking systems. Additionally, high speed electric motors have been used to provide continuous high torque performance.