Advantages Of Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table, commonly abbreviated as DVRT is a unique type of rotary table most often used in the manufacturing sector for the constant operation that is many times more accurate and stiffer than traditional rack and pinion rotary table. A high strength electric motor, usually located as the hub of the rotary table to create it strong, stiff and speedy is being controlled by a high resolution encoder to attain the exact flexibility with high precision. There is no mechanical gearbox, so the system remains completely safe and balanced despite the constant turning movement. It is also compact and lightweight.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

This revolutionary design came about due to the need for using fewer materials and using them in a much lighter and compact form factor. This would make the Rotary Winding System and the face gear compact enough to be mounted and used in a wide variety of places without compromising on performance. The fact that they have less material than the traditional rack and pinion tables made them even more compact and lightweight. They also have the ability to be mounted and used in a wide range of operating environments including continuous belt and rack on pinion machines.

In addition to these advantages, a direct drive rotary table has the additional advantage of having a much higher speed performance than the conventional models. The high speed allows the user to increase the torque and speed of the system easily. This is essential in heavy duty applications where high speed is needed. Further, the high speed is essential in applications that require the users to move the table quickly. For example, if the application requires the users to turn the table quickly while the speed is increasing, then this is the best option available in the market today.

Another advantage of the direct drive rotary table is the high accuracy in measurements. It offers high torque and high speed at a low level of backlash. Because of this, the high precision of the measurements can be assured. The high precision of the measurements can be ensured because the high torque of the system results in accurate measurements from high speed. This feature is necessary if you are measuring the speed of the moving object or device.

There is yet another important advantage associated with the direct drive rotary tables – the lower cost of operation. When compared to other forms of industrial machines, they perform at their optimum at a much lower cost. They are therefore ideal for many industrial applications. These include applications where high torque is required. They also help to minimize wear and tear. This is because the machine does not need any lubrication for its smooth operation.

Some advantages of high speed direct drive rotary tables are the fast speed, high accuracy, high torque and the low level of friction. They are also easy to maintain. You can easily replace the bearings to extend their life and enhance their performance. In fact, there are some manufacturers that offer warranties on the product. In this case, it would be advisable to buy the product from such manufacturers only.