Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Drive Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table, as the name implies, is a rotary type table that works by having the crankshaft rotates on two vertically positioned spindles. This is compared with a rack and pinion style table that is rotational. The advantage of a direct drive Rotary Table over the rack and pinion type is that the output from the table can be altered by the user without having to modify the input. A rack and pinion type require more physical setup which makes it more inconvenient to use.

With a Direct Drive Rotary Table, the user can adjust the vertical movement easily by turning a dial in the appropriate direction. For example, the setting for a backspin mode can be set from either high speed or low speed. In addition, it has a high speed clutch so there will be no sudden movements due to heavy loads. On the other hand, the high speed clutch allows a smooth and precise transition between speeds. The user can also program the system with a variety of functions such as auto stop for sudden movements at different speeds.

As compared to standard rack and pinion rotary desks, direct drive rotary tables are more efficient and provide better dynamics. They are commonly used in applications requiring large surface space and high torque performance. Another advantage of using direct drive rotary tables is that there is no need for a pinion or rack mount assembly because the table itself consists of a high-speed, high RPM clutch assembly. Several designs are available for a wide range of applications including floor and table top applications. In addition, they are ideal for computer and machine shops because it allows for direct connection and disconnection between face gears.

A direct drive rotary table also has variable gear reduction and gear augmentation which allow for different gear combinations to be used in the same motor. High torque provides greater reliability because high torque is required to lift loads. However, the disadvantages of high torque also include longer excursions and a weaker shaft and clutch. In addition, the high speed clutch requires higher startup speeds because it requires a larger clutch opening. The high speed clutch is also limited by the lower speed of the high torque motor. Lastly, it cannot match the advantages provided by high speed roller bearing sets because they are more efficient and have lower clutch slippage.

A disadvantage of high torque is that it requires more manual work to complete the task. In addition, the high torque designs cannot match the efficiency and capabilities of high speed roller bearings. Lastly, the disadvantages of direct drive rotary table outweigh the advantages because there are many design alternatives that provide greater accuracy, functionality, reliability and efficiency.

The high speed, direct drive rotary tables are generally faster than any other design due to its lower center of gravity. The speed of the main rotor reduces the need for blade work, which makes the table more efficient overall. The table also features a lower center of gravity, which enables it to run at a higher RPM. This higher RPM produces more power and torque for tasks requiring high speeds. Additionally, high speed rotary tables provide a cleaner operation process because dirt and rust do not accumulate in the rotors.