What is a CNC Rotary Table?

CNC Rotary Table

What is a CNC Rotary Table?

A CNC Rotary Table is a hydraulic machine that works on a repetitive function by rotating a material at a high rate of speed and/or using an injection mold process. The rotational speed can range from several hundred RPM’s to many thousand RPM’s depending on the material being used as well as the desired operation desired. CNC Rotary Tables can either be self contained units which contain the needed components themselves and a programmable computer system to run the machine or a series of individually operated units with either a CNC stepper motor or other type of laser marking tools attached. This article will discuss CNC Rotary Tables and how they are used in manufacturing operations.

There are basically two different types of CNC Rotary Tables; horizontal and vertical. A horizontal rotary table is one where the work piece is fed into the top and bottom end rails of the table and turned on its axis, similar to a lathe or even a drill press. Once the piece is done, the feed roller on the left side of the machine then moves up and down vertically in order to move the work piece out to the area for vertical machining. This type of CNC rotary table is used most often for fabricating products such as pipes, couplings, bolts, nuts, and such. When it is utilized in CNC processing, it is important to note that the product must be fed completely through the feed roller, which limits the amount of materials that can be processed at one time.

The vertical CNC rotary table is another popular variety, and this is where the programmable computer software controls the machine. When using a CNC rotary table with a CNC plasma cutting machine, the process is much more fluid, efficient, and less time consuming due to the use of the CNC software program. When using a CNC rotary table with a simultaneous machining center, the product moves in two directions at the same time. This is ideal for products such as electrical components, which have different dimensions when looking at each other, but are constructed the same.

When CNC machines are programmed with different programmable software options, they are able to come up with the best solution for the job. Many users choose to use two separate machines instead of one for the same job because of the versatility that the programmable software offers. In order to program the software, the user must upload the CAD drawing to the machine and program the machine accordingly, programming the CNC machines allow different variations of the same product, for example a brass reel and a steel reel, so that a CNC Rotary Table can cut both types of brass at the same time. When purchasing a CNC rotary table or even a CNC plasma cutting machine, it is important that the buyer selects the machine that best suits their needs.

Because there are so many varieties of CNC machines available, it is difficult to list all of them here. Some of the most popular CNC machines on the market include; CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC lathe machines, CNC milling machines, and CNC wood turning machines. There are also some specialty CNC machines such as automated CNC grinders and Sanders. There are different programs that run on different types of CNC machines. Some programs are designed specifically for CNC plasma cutting, CNC lathe and CNC milling, and CNC wood turning.

A CNC Rotary Table is the heart of many CNC machinery programs. The CNC machines are programmed to do many different tasks depending on the program that is running. Different brands and types of CNC Rotary Tables are equipped with different programs. Some of the popular brands that make CNC machines are Planar, Proshop, X-tec, and Krome. The price ranges of these machines range from $6k to thousands of dollars. Different companies such as Mecano, Bosch and Festool offer different brands of CNC Rotary Tables.