What Are the Advantages of Using a Direct Drive Rotary Table?

Direct Drive Rotary Table is the most commonly used rotary type for machining. It is also referred to as Direct Rotary Copy Machine. This is a powerful tool for high speed CNC programming, direct material input and precise machining. It is generally engineered by using a single-axial-step linearity drive system that gives very high precision performance. Direct Drive Rotary Table has the motor fully embedded in the table body directly drive the axes independently and faceplate. The main advantages of this rotary table are:

Direct Drive Rotary Table

No free cooling is one of the features of any Direct Drive Rotary Table that makes it more stable and durable. The free cooling is achieved by utilizing a high performance fan that efficiently dissipates cool air from the table. Another feature is the presence of a zero backlash angle lock that helps prevent backlash when the operation speed changes. The rotary drive eliminates the need for a secondary locking mechanism, which in result reduces cost and production cycle times.

High-speed and high-torque capabilities are the other benefits offered by any Direct Drive Rotary Table. It offers high-speed, high-torque machining capability which allows users to perform rapid and consistent machining operation. High speed means higher RPMs and higher torque, which are essential for CNC programming and CNC processing. Higher torque can be increased by programming a specific amount of torque into the system. Alternatively, it can also be decreased to achieve a lower speed, and vice versa.

One other great feature of this product is its zero backlash capability. This means that it has no interruptions caused by backlashes or surges when it operates at high speeds. A zero backlash is important for precision applications where a sudden surge or drop in temperature could cause damage to delicate components. Since this high-speed, high-torque rotary tool operates at the highest operating speeds, the chances of encountering problems during operation is minimized.

In addition, high-quality Direct Drive Rotary Table products are made with a sealed bearing construction. Sealed bearings reduce friction, vibration and heat dissipation. These benefits add to its overall reliability and durability which extend well beyond its original intended lifespan.

One other feature of a high-speed rotary tool is its ability to operate at very high temperatures. It is especially useful for precision applications requiring extreme high-temperatures like welding and soldering. High-speed Direct Drive Rotary Table also has an optimum speed that is specifically designed to perform well under extreme circumstances. This results in reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity and efficiency.