CNC Rotary Table Technology

Direct Drive Rotary Table

CNC Rotary Table Technology

A Direct Drive Rotary Table is one of the more common types of Roto-Rotor generators found in shops and manufacturing facilities around the world. It is also commonly referred to as a CNC Rotary Table or a Direct Drive Machine. A direct drive machine utilizes a direct drive motor concept to generate the rotating action that is the main characteristic of the table. This type of machine utilizes a unique four-stage (or rotary) array, which can be accessed by pressing on two push buttons on the side of the machine.

The Direct Drive Rotary Table has many advantages, the most prominent being its fast speed, accuracy, and torque capabilities. The fast speed is a result of the high-speed rotation capabilities. In order for this high-speed capability to work, there must be plenty of torque because a direct drive rotary table generally requires very little torque to operate at a slow speed. This is because a CNC rotary table has a center lift that is almost parallel to the table’s axis of rotation. Because of this, there is very little room to lose torque while running at a slow speed.

Accurate torque and high-speed performance are not the only reason why a CNC Rotary Table is so popular in today’s world. High-end CAD applications as well as other high-end hardware and mechanical systems require a certain level of accuracy and functionality. With the right rotomatter, accuracy is never an issue. A direct drive rotary table contains four sets of diamond crystals and is precision engineered for precise results in every project. And because the diamonds in the CNC Rotary Table are precision cut and sealed off with high-quality precision bearings, you can be sure that your equipment is working in complete and total order every time you use it.

DFD 260 axial position detectors provide a robust and accurate positioning accuracy. Many CNC Rotary Table products are engineered with this exact specification. The DFD 260 is considered by industry insiders to be one of the most highly regarded position detectors available. The majority of CNC rotary tables use a gear-driven motor for high-performance performance. A direct drive rotary table has gear-driven motors in both the horizontal and vertical positions, increasing positioning accuracy and overall system performance.

All the benefits of high-speed, precise positioning accuracy combined with superior maneuverability and high-speed operation are provided by a direct drive table in the CNC configuration. Many rotary tooling and fabrication shops use these types of equipment to make their jobs easier and their job sites safer. Safety features in a direct drive table include heavy-duty shafts, precision-cut, ball bearings, and high-torque motor designs. All these combine to provide the best in position-determining accuracy and power-assisted control.

The most common applications for rotary tables are table fabrication where exact set-up of various components is needed, making them ideal for machine work and large industrial applications. Smaller operations may still benefit from direct drive machines, however. For instance, CNC specialty tools and accessories, such as fasteners for threaded materials, high torque electric motor parts, and even CNC plasma cutting equipment, can be built with high accuracy using direct drive CNC equipment. The accuracy and reliability of CNC rotary tables are evident in their steady increase in popularity across the world over the past few decades. As technology continues to improve and more tasks become faster and more complicated, direct drive CNC equipment will only continue to grow in useful applications.