Benefits of Zero Friction Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table

Benefits of Zero Friction Rotary Tables

Direct Drive Rotary Table is an ideal type of rotary table being used for the continuous, accurate operation that is many times more agile and precise than traditional rack and pinion rotational tables. A strong, high torque electric motor is used as the core of the Direct Drive Rotary Table with a controller to help it accurately reach this extreme flexibility with exceptional accuracy to achieve the true mobility with optimum accuracy and mechanical rigidity. This type of table is one of the most useful in manufacturing operations and has numerous other uses in manufacturing, transportation, welding, aerospace and even medicine. Direct Drive Rotary Table comes in various designs depending on the application and is also commonly used in CAD machines.

The advantages of using this rotary table in a variety of application areas are: it’s excellent performance and versatility in applications where accuracy, speed and agility are paramount; it’s consistent, predictable and reliable which ensures maximum productivity and efficiency; it’s a zero backlash product; it’s a fully automatic operation that guarantees maximum productivity at minimum cost; it has a long life span with no moving parts and no moving components; and best of all, it is cost effective, lightweight, highly portable, and extremely reliable. These features are combined in the design of this type of table, which has been specifically engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries. It’s most common application is in the automotive, marine, aerospace and chemical sectors. Due to its inherent reliability, durability and productivity, it has been selected by many manufacturing companies for their precision, accuracy, and speed in operations.

A direct drive rotary table is considered to be an intelligent technology with the ability to provide users with improved productivity. It provides users with the ability to accurately measure forces applied on any object in motion. This leads to accurate measurement of torque, which then can be used to make decisions regarding any object. For example, a person driving a car puts a tremendous amount of force on it when accelerating. The exact amount of force needed to move a given object towards a certain location is measured and compared with the torque of the spring which determines the acceleration of the vehicle.

The rotational speed at which the table moves is measured in terms of rotate cycles per minute. When measuring the speed of the spring, one refers to the units of torque whereas the larger the rotary motor, the greater the torque is measured. This precision and accuracy made possible by using a zero-backlash design. Many industries, like aviation, marine, construction, and chemical, have found that the application of a zero backlash direct drive rotary table allows for accurate measurements which in turn results in better product quality.

High precision is required in many of today’s manufacturing processes and precision measurements are critical. Precision measurements in this industry can result in production quality issues, increased waste products, as well as poor workmanship. Zero Friction Rotary Tables allows for the use of a very accurate and precise torque clutch while the use of a standard ball bearing transfer case, or ball and sleeve transmission allows for high reliability and excellent service. With the accurate and precise measurements provided by zero backlash rotary tables and transfer case designs, a manufacturer or customer requires much less worry and hassle than would otherwise be the case.

In summary, zero backlash direct drive rotary tables provide for a high level of accuracy and dependability when it comes to measurements that are critical to product quality. The use of these rotary tables in many industries has resulted in significant improvements in productivity, product quality, and efficiency. By using the correct and precise measures, many industries have been able to save considerable amounts of money on manufacturing and delivery costs. Additionally, the use of zero Friction Rotary Tables has resulted in a much lower occurrence of tool slap injury from a transfer clutch that is not operating at optimal speeds or with optimal torque.