Precision Control and Reliability From a Rotary Table

Directly driven by the power company of Rotary Products Corporation, Rotary Tables offer wide ranging, versatile applications because of their high backlash free construction. If needed a high precision servo motor with high torque, fully enclosed precision bearings, and high speed, SKA Rotary Tables are generally equipped with the features that are needed for precise work placement. These machines can be used for almost all mechanical processes including; axial flow, radial flow, and centrifugal flow. The versatility of these machines is their ability to be used in all sorts of environments. This rotary table offers many advantages over other types including; pallet handling, wire feed, surface preparation, finishing, lubrication, forging, stamping, routing, drilling, forging, forming, and forging, and can even be used as a portable machine.

CNC Rotary Table

Accuracy Is The Main Key: When accuracy is important the CNC Rotary Table offers the accuracy required to meet all of your manufacturing requirements. This accuracy can be obtained with a tilting or momentary drive CNC machine, which ensures accuracy up to 0.001%. A wide range of other capabilities available include; accurate position control and linear position control, and a full range of computer controls including; linear acceleration and deformation, programming capability including; memory, and many other programmable options. Precision is always required in the manufacturing industry and having a CNC Rotary Table that offers you the right tools and features at the right price is just what the doctor ordered. This precision rotary table is fully assembled and ready to use with the manufacturers pre-programmed instructions.

Robust torque performance: Many industrial and commercial clients demand a high level of torque from their CNC Rotary Tables and the Rotary Engineering Company was born to deliver the products they need. The rotary table is built with a cast aluminum stepper motor and high precision aluminum shafts guaranteed to deliver unparalleled torque for your CNC equipment. The company has designed the CNC Rotary Table with a modular construction so that it can be easily upgraded with newer technology and increased torque without a huge investment in new equipment. These tables are available with a wide range of optional accessories including: velocity gauges, multiple positions for programming, fully programmable and even an adjustable stride for custom bracing and positioning.

Robust performance under any conditions: The CNC Rotary Table is engineered with a precision-engineering process that provides a rugged and reliable machine tool. The company has designed these machines to work in extreme environmental conditions as well as to withstand corrosion and fatigue. These rotary tables can be used to perform a variety of functions with extreme accuracy and the ability to handle high torque and continuous power load. There are a wide range of CNC machines available to meet your precision and manufacturing needs and the rotary tables are just one of the options available.

Versatile and configurable for all types of work: With CNC Rotary Tables you are not limited to just flat surface applications. In addition to offering fully programmable tilt and swivel motion, the company offers a range of multi-axis machines including: positive displacement, rotation, and linear/radial servo applications. These versatile machines are available with a variety of CNC mounting systems including: ball mounts, boom, MDF, slide, and more. These versatile and configurable machines are designed to work in any type of environment and on any type of project.

Accuracy and reliability are paramount for any business, and the CNC Rotary Table brings the accuracy and reliability you expect from top quality machines. This versatile machine tool is designed with a full range of accessories that offer a complete solution for any industry, including: millwork, furniture, die casting, material testing, and more. With an easy to use control panel and easy to follow documentation, the CNC Rotary Table is the perfect solution for your unique application needs.