Finding the Right CNC Rotary Table

A CNC Rotary Table is part of CNC manufacturing machinery specifically used for precise metalworking. It is like a dividing or an indexing tool, except that it’s fixed on at least two planes; usually the horizontal and vertical plane. These machines are normally used for forming metal parts with a CNC machine or router. There are also machines that convert designs from CAD to an easily-fabricated sheet metal product. The different uses of a CNC Rotary Table are discussed below.

CNC Rotary Table

The primary use of a CNC Rotary Table is for CNC milling machines. The CNC rotary tables offer several benefits over other types of milling machines. They offer a variety of features not found in other machines. They include: precision angle or linearity, fine or at the most, high torque, the ability to vary the spindle speeds and build materials, the ability to use non-permissive operations and fully programmable software.

CNC mills, CNC routers, and CNC turning heads can be built using a variety of CNC Rotary Tables. Some of these machines use a pair of axes to provide the capability to vary the depth of cuts. Others provide the capability to vary the width of the pieces or even rotate them. One example of this is the ability to lock the material without moving the workpiece in any direction.

Some of the most popular CNC Rotary Tables on the market are those manufactured by the JML Wireless Group. These include the MR1600 and MR1800 (for metal prototypes). In addition, there are other manufacturers providing different brands and a variety of CNC Rotary Tables for use with CNC milling machines. Most notable is the Precision Alloys group which is well known for its work with CNC equipment. In addition, there is a very large and reliable set of distributors available to service both CNC machines and machine shops.

Many shops are converting their CNC milling machines over to CNC Rotary Tables and this is having a positive and lasting impact on the industry. The fact that the cost of these CNC machines is now lower than traditional tables is another factor. Furthermore, because these CNC Rotary Tables is capable of many more functions than their predecessors it is possible to utilize more unique manufacturing processes.

The top CNC rotary tables are those produced by the MR1600 and the MR1800. These two variants are manufactured by Precision Alloys who are considered to be one of the leading suppliers of CNC equipment in the world. When it comes to shopping for these high-end CNC machines, it is important to know what the desired outcome needs to be. Once this is determined then the shop can begin shopping for the best CNC rotary tables and related products. Regardless of the type of machine desired the shop owner must ensure that they are getting a high-end product.