Why Choose A Double-Sided Grinders?

A double-sided grinder is an efficient and economical grinding machine, consisting of two rotating blades that rotate clockwise and anti-clockwise respectively. The first spinning blade is commonly known as a stationary blade. The other spinning blade is known as a variable blade, and it contains an additional auger for grinding or polishing accessories, knife handgrips extending above the blade for gripping, and an adjustable grip extending below the blade for controlling the position of the grinding end. The blades are usually attached to the machine by sliding right or left into slots provided by the grinding surface.

The most common types of double-sided grinders are vertical rotary grinders, which are more versatile than their horizontal counterparts because they can be used to grind both right and left-handed material. In addition, such machines can also grind in a countertop mode, making them ideal for home workshops and small businesses. Horizontal rotary grinders are the standard for commercial grinders and produce very coarse finishes.

Vertical grinders are typically powered electrically and include a cutting blade along with the grinding components. For this reason, the vertical grinder is considered a better choice for small applications. However, if your need is for a dual-purpose machine, then a horizontal grinder will do fine. Another advantage of using a vertical grinder is that the two blades rotate at the same speed, greatly increasing the grinding speed and reducing chatter.

The latest technology in grinders is the FDDG 700 Series grinders. These machines feature precision cutting that produces the finest and most consistent results possible. A dual blade system ensures that the grinding remains even. The two blades can be shifted to allow maximum use of the moment. Also, the FDDG-700 series includes a fully programmable variable speed motor for precise results and maximum productivity.

An excellent way to purchase a fine grinder is to visit your nearest dealer who specializes in both desktop and hand grinders. Your options will likely include both vertical and horizontal designs based on your needs. Some dealers have their own exclusive line of products, while others may carry only the latest technology products. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that you’ll have a grinder that will give you years of faithful service.

With the FDDG 700 Series, users can program a number of grinding parameters and enjoy both a coarse or fine finish. A programmable interface lets you change the settings at any time, giving you the ability to adjust the process according to your exact specifications. Another unique characteristic of the FDDG 700 Series is that it allows you to intuitively operate the machine, whether you are familiar with computer hardware or not. It can be instantly switched between manual and automatic operation, giving the user the ability to regulate the grinding process as needed.